Yes, I’m back….after, oh my goodness, I can’t even remember when I stopped blogging and to be honest, I did not miss it. But now that I am without a job and sitting at home 24/7 filling my time playing Scrabulous, Word Twist and Bejeweled (just to keep my brains active) on Facebook, I find that I may be suffering from RSI. When I mentioned this to lau ang, he suggested I do some reading, learning online, etc. So, today, I thought I’d give it a go on my blog.

Being on my own, I tend to just end up either having nothing for lunch or the extreme opposite which could be two big bowls of noodles or a whole plateful of sushi which is equivalent to 2 cups of rice!!

Today, I decided to cook this very easy vegetarian noodles as I love the crunch of the beanshoots against the soft texture of the noodles. As I was cooking this dish, I started to reminisce of days gone past.

When I was a little girl, nearly every Saturday was spent at my maternal grandmother’s house, we called Teluk Pulai! While my mum sat around the table with her siblings enjoying their mahjong game, all of us cousins would busy ourselves with games such as hantu kana (is that how you spell it?), hide and seek, catching, hopscotch. The best time for me was to be able to walk across the road to Ah Pek’s little sundries shop and many a times, spending .5 cents on ‘tikam’. The whole day would see us eating anything from char kueh teow from kueh teow Ah Pek, my sister’s favourite poh piah from poh piah Ah Pek, rojak to mee goreng or mee rebus from the Indian shop.

But Ah Kam Cheh’s noodles was many a times a well loved dish for me because you could never get it anywhere else. It was just noodles and lots of beanshoots and the sauces to go with this dish was hoisin (tim cheong) and chillie sauce. Ah Kam Cheh wore her black trousers and plain coloured top, her pointed straw hat and would carry this heavy load consisting of noodles, tong sui and assorted sauces hooked on a strong wooden rod balanced across her shoulders. She would walk the length and breadth of Teluk Pulai shouting, “Mai fun mein, hung tau sui, lek tau sui”!

Just reminscing about this now brought a tinge of sadness to me. I never questioned her poverty. How did people like her ever survived having to rent her little bedsitter (a part of my grandmother’s property), pay all her utility bills? What would happened when she was sick? Who would care for her? That would have been a day of lost income for her.

You will never see such hard working people like Ah Kam Cheh and people in the likes of her. All these ladies travelled afar from China to have a better life in Malaysia, worked hard and sent most of their hard earned income to their families in China. Some do make it and some don’t. Many ended up being maids with affluent families and they were well taken care of. They have links with a few (support group) whom they travelled together in their journey from China. Why did Ah Kam Cheh not work with an affluent family whereby she would then have no need to burden herself daily with her ‘load’ on her shoulders? Food for thought!

No Fear, No Fear…….FEAR!

My lau ang started removing the carpet in the lounge three weekends ago and started to put floor boards down. It is scheduled to be completed before Christmas. Then he intended to start clearing the spare room which is full of stuff from our bedroom because he started putting vinyl floor and a new wardrobe in there during my last week of holidays in Melbourne.
dscn7198Ok, so the flooring in the lounge is very behind schedule and…..
dscn7199my dining room is a mess from all the ‘junk’ from the lounge but hey, no fear. After all, it is only a short term mess. It just means we might have our Christmas dinner in the lounge or in a restaurant which means paying top price.

When my son, rang me at 2pm on yesterday to tell me that his laptop has failed, no fear! We can get to him with my laptop and I even managed to dish up some bolognese sauce for him within half an hour as all the ingredients were in my fridge.

When my son rang me two Sundays ago at around midday, asking me if I was going to bring some food to him, no fear! I rushed to the supermarket to get some ingredients and cooked him chicken casserole,
steamed fish,
beef curry,
mixed vegies,
and cranberries cupcakes.

BUT, when daughter texts her mum and dad with an opening line such as “Hi folks….”, the FEAR sets in. I remember my parents used to refer to their elderly parents as ‘old folks’. Now our daughter is at the beginning of calling us folks. What next?? Old folks?? FEAR!!!


Happy Birthday Mum!
[rockyou id=125872564&w=579&h=434]
It’s my mum’s birthday on 2nd November. I think I have written about my mum before and this year, all I want to do is just put up some photos for good times’ sake.


All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey…….
Yes, this song by the Mamas and the Papas always come to mind when the weather is like this but as the song continues with, “I’ve been for a walk…….”, well, I can’t exactly say I do that. I hate going for walks on such a cold, grey weather and I didn’t step outside to take this photo. It was taken from my bedroom of my backyard. Instead, I sit on my bed and update my blog with a cup of coffee by my bedside table.

We were at Oxford again yesterday. My plans were to take Megs out to lunch and do some shopping which she normally loves. When we got there, she told us she had already had her lunch. So, I ate some of her ‘pei tan chee yoke chok’ which I made for her. Megs made Michael some bacon on pita bread for his lunch.
The weather was cold and windy yesterday and Megs said that she loves her room so much that she wants us to stay in. So, whilst I was in bed trying to catch my 40 winks, Megs did her work for her tutor which should have been handed in earlier. She is late again in handing in her work. I don’t know how she gets away with it all the time. I must say when one has a lovely room with a fantastic view, it is easy to want to stay in. She has kept her room spic and span.
On her request I made her lor mai kai,

steamed pork and egg,
pei tan chee yoke chok (pork with century egg porridge)

and banoffee pie.NO, the mouse did not get into the pie. I had to cut a slice out for Michael so that he doesn’t miss out. Megs wanted the whole lot to share with her friends.


This loaf of country bread is simple (crusty on the outside and soft on the inside) but for my lau ang, it is like honey on a honeycomb. He drools over bread. Sometimes when I don’t feel like cooking dinner, he will happily make himself cheese on toast.

Since Saturday, I have been preparing bread and soup for lunch and lau ang never complains. Having worked hard on laying the floors, I decided to give him a treat for lunch today. So, with my rustic pumpkin soup,

I served him spam ham sandwiches.

He thought Christmas came early. 😆

What can I say except that he is a simple man!


After Sheffield Park two Saturdays ago, I came home to cook for Megs as we went to see her the next day. She requested Auntie Anne’s cake and …….

bah kut teh.

I also made her some marinated grilled chicken and sliced some fresh chicken fillets and vegies ready for her as she promised her friends that she will cook Japanese curry for them.

A mother can never do enough for her children. Sometimes children think their parents don’t love or understand them but I am sure when they have their own children, they will realise how much their parents love them.

I believe my daughter truly knows how much we love her and do for her. When we got there, she had breakfast all ready for us. I was very touched. This is what my mum would say, “Dai sek” (worth loving).


So, why a picture of this mind game? This game was given to my son for his 8th birthday and when we came to UK, it was something he had in his bag and for years now it stayed in this cupboard which my lau ang is clearing out today.

This pine display cupboard came with the house and I really hate it. It collects dust and takes up a space which I can put to better use.
At this time of writing, I can hear lau ang now tearing the cupboard apart. He is laying floor boards in the lounge as from today. The chimney which he started doing a year ago is still waiting to be finished, so I wonder when the floor will be completed. When will my house look like a house instead of a building site.
As he does not need my help, I am a prisoner upstairs in my room with my gadgets, crisps and tea.


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